Thursday, April 27, 2006

ITEM: Cops across the land finished a roundup of fugitives that bagged more than 1,100 sex offenders. The concentrated search for people wanted for federal, state and local crimes "targeted the worst of the worst," Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said. Authorities arrested 9,037 people April 17 to last Sunday in a 27-state dragnet led by the U.S. Marshals Service and timed to coincide with National Victims Rights Week. Among those apprehended were 1,102 people wanted for violent sex crimes or failure to register as sex offenders.
THOUGHT: Now this is a good thing, but I can’t help but listen to that voice on my shoulder saying “were they really that hard to find if they bagged that many in a week?” Now where the heck do we put them?

ITEM: Two white teenagers down in Texas severely beat and sodomized a Hispanic 16-year-old boy who they thought had tried to kiss a Hispanic 12-year-old girl at a party, authorities said. They
forced the boy out of the Saturday night house party, beat him and sodomized him with a plastic pipe, shouting anti-Hispanic epithets. He’s busted up real bad and probably won’t live.
THOUGHT: They’ve got a real keen sense of honor down in Texas. I guess this is what Politakid’s talking about with the next generation and racism and all.

ITEM: Indonesia's Mount Merapi is spewing volcanic ash, magma has fully covered its crater, and a powerful eruption could come any day, a scientist said Thursday. But authorities said they’re not ready to force the evacuation of villagers living on the slopes of the mountain.
"It's close to eruption," said Dewi Sri, predicting "an enormous and dreadful eruption" within days.
THOUGHT: Delawhyte to villagers: Run.

ITEM: Hundreds of starfish have been found dead on a beach on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast. Purple sea stars began washing up last week in Trail Bay at Sechelt, north of Vancouver. The authorities have been unable to determine why they died.
THOUGHT: DelaWhyte to authorities: Where was Squidward?

ITEM: Exxon Mobil Corp. posted the fifth-highest quarterly profit for any public company in history on Thursday, but the $8 billion take still fell short of analysts' estimates. Analysts said the company’s massive profits may just get bigger the rest of the year as it benefits from rising crude-oil prices and production.
"This is only the beginning," Fadel Gheit, analyst for Oppenheimer & Co., told the AP. "Let me tell you, it gets better after that.”
THOUGHT: You know, these guys suck. And there’s not much we can do. We could do one thing – make Fadel Gheit a liar, and really disappoint those analysts. What if we all bought our gas from any other company – but not Exxon or Mobil – for the rest of the year. Just drove on by, just to show how really pissed off we are? Would anyone pay attention if Exxon-Mobil made NO MONEY in the next quarter? Would they care? Might they rest of the sisters be a bit more cautious? Just a thought.

Before you cash in for the night, I heartily urge you to go here.

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