Wednesday, October 18, 2006


A plan for Nov. 8

I don’t know who’s gonna win on Nov. 7. I suspect it won’t matter much if the spinmeisters control the aftershocks. And the new faces saunter up The Hill with no real lessons taken to heart, be they Red or Blue.
To me, the only way to make sure they all got the message is to let them know they ALL are on probation. And that we’re watching.
So here’s a relatively easy 2-step process to let them know loud and clear we want it cleaned up – for real, not for show. No new set of pigs at the trough.
1 -- On Nov. 8, we work to set up a new political party in all 50 states. I’ll call it the Whyte Party, because as I said when I started this misadventure, it’s not Red and it’s not Blue. It’s the only color left for patriots who hold dear the phrase Liberty and Justice – for all. It has no platform other than a flat pledge to eliminate privilege, secrecy, and complexity -- and the inevitably corrupt product of a system dominated thereby. It has no officers anywhere other than those required for a ballot presence. And they can be anybody. No candidates -- ever. We pledge that anyone who might try to run as a Whyte is by mutual agreement inherently non-Whyte.
2 – Anyone interested in sending a clear message to those inside the Beltway need do nothing more than change their party enrollment from anything else to Whyte. (There will be plenty of time to change back when necessary to cast a primary ballot. And, for the record, you can be of any tone and be Whyte, for it by definition is the absence of any color.)
My theory is this: The Whyte Party is and will remain a blank slate. If millions of Reds, Blues and unaffiliated folks – and all those who see no purpose at all in even registering – all line up as Whytes, a rather powerful message will be transmitted to 535 folks in our Capitol, and in statehouses across the country.
For the moment:
We’re not for you if you’re Red.
We’re not for you if you’re Blue.
We just want it fixed and we mean it.
And we’re watching.
You figure out which way we jump in two years.

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